I created this post to celebrate Environment Day, and raise awareness on the impact that plastic pollution is having on our beautiful planet.



Babushka is a short film about a young boy and the homeless woman he passes on the street every day. The story is set in Krakow, Poland, where the inspiration for the narrative took place. I built everything you see in this film from scratch, from the streetlamps right down to the doorknobs. The entire film took me around 3 months to create.


I made this stop motion for my final major project in University. It earned me 2nd place in the "Best Final Project" category at University, as well as winning places at multiple film festivals in 2017. 



While working at Discovery, I created this animated alphabet for one of their channels, TLC in its primary brand font.


The TLC network primarily focuses on weddings and celebrations which I incorporated into the theme of the animated letters.




In collaboration with a Discovery producer, I created animated title boards for a series of social videos to be used on Discovery's Youtube channel. The social promos used footage from past interviews with the Fast 'N' Loud cast, but edited their answers to make it seem as though they were answering different questions, for comical effect.

Fast N' Loud is a reality styled Discovery Channel TV show shot in Dallas, Texas-based Gas Monkey Garage as the crew search for tired and run-down cars, and restore them for profit.



After graduating, I spent a year working as a motion graphic designer at the Discovery Channel in London. I am so grateful for my time at Discovery as I got to work on many exciting briefs, alongside many talented creative directors and producers.

This showreel features snipets of the best motion graphic pieces I created while working at Discovery.